Monday, May 9, 2011

Sewing Junk

Today is sewing junk day.  Don't tilt your head...the black swinging doors are hung on an angle.  This display features an old sewing machine base with a wood table top.  It's perfect with the pink and green McCoy pottery flower pots and other "gardeny" items.


Here is a well worn cutter quilt in a vintage seafoam green sewing basket. 

Big old wooden spools are just fun to look at and are great fill-in pieces in your displays.

This whole old cupboard (which weighs about 2  tons and is not going anywhere) is filled with old, vintage sewing related items. 

I don't care if you sew or not (I don't, even though I took home-ec in high school), this mini Singer sewing machine is the most adorable sewing machine I have ever seen!  It is not a toy, it's a real, working little dynamo.

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