Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't you just love old, rusty, galvanized junk!

Vintage lawn furniture is hot! We don't have a single piece of this great stuff left!!

We got this great chair for free! It had really ugly green fabric on it when we received it. With new fabric, it's one of my favorite pieces...and needless to say, it sold... Yes, there is a little seperation anxiety!

I wonder if we'll have warm enough weather here in central ND to even think about going to the beach this summer. It's not looking good today!

Ah, school days. It seems so long ago now...

Sometimes you just have to get a little "western."

An old hose reel for a wine rack and an old organ for a wine cabinet - - nice!

So much little time...

I just love transforming old buggies into some other useful pieces of junk!

Spring Sale Pics

I must apologize for being so lax with my postings! Here are some pictures from our spring sale: